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Expert tips to help your clients keep their New Year’s resolutions

Expert tips to help your clients keep their New Year’s resolutions
Expert tips to help your clients keep their New Year’s resolutions

With one in five of us making New Year’s resolutions, the chances are that some of your clients already started to make a positive lifestyle change for 2020*. But with over 80% of resolutions broken by the second week of February**, how can your clients make their good intentions last? 

Change can be hard

Samantha Beckinsale, an expert lifestyle coach from HealthWise says “It’s important to be resilient when making a change in your lifestyle. There will be days when things don’t go to plan but how quickly you draw a line in the sand and get back on track is vital for success.”

“Making your goal too big and unrealistic can make it hard to stay committed, it’s important that any change is sustainable in the long-term.” 

What’s the best route to success?

So, how can your clients give themselves the best possible chance of success when making a change?

With masses of experience in coaching people to make positive life changes, Samantha shares her tips:

  1. Set your goal and break it down
    Write down your goal. This can help to clarify what you want to achieve and can act as a constant reminder to take action. If your goal is a big one, break it down into smaller goals to help you track your progress and stay focused.

  2. Small habits lead to big changes
    Start with a change that is achievable and then build on it. For example, if your goal is to start going to the gym for an hour a day, five times a week but currently you don’t go five times a month then you could be setting yourself up to fail before you’ve even started! Any changes you make need to be sustainable for the long term. 

  3. Celebrate your success
    Notice and celebrate your achievements no matter how small. This will help make your change more enjoyable and help keep you motivated.

    It’s important to enjoy the process of making a change and see each step as a positive rather than just focusing on the end goal. For example, if you’re looking to lose weight but the results are not obvious straight away, take time to notice how your energy levels are now that you are eating healthier. Are you feeling healthier? Is your skin looking better?

  4. Ask for help and support
    Share your goals and journey with family and friends. Join an exercise class or create a support group with co-workers to quit smoking or lose weight. Sharing both your successes and struggles can help to motivate and encourage you.

    Ask an expert such as a lifestyle coach. They can help you work out how you can make a change and take the actions required to achieve your goal.

How can a HealthWise lifestyle coach help your clients?

HealthWise lifestyle coaches can help your clients with all sorts of changes including losing weight or improving eating habits, taking a more active approach to exercise, stress management, giving up smoking, improving sleep or helping create positive habits.

Samantha explains “We can help your client set a goal and ensure they have a realistic action plan in place, we can help them take accountability of keeping to their plan or help with obstacles that come up as they move ahead.”

HealthWise lifestyle coaching is available to our life cover members and their immediate families. For more information on the different services available click here.

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