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HealthWise – helping me to live with diabetes - Fiona's story

HealthWise – helping me to live with diabetes - Fiona's story
HealthWise – helping me to live with diabetes - Fiona's story

The 8 June 2020 marked the start of Diabetes Week in the UK. 

With more than five million people expected to be diagnosed with diabetes in the UK by 2021* it is a very real health issue facing your clients and their families.

At the age of 42 Fiona, an events manager and mum to twin girls, was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

“I visited my GP after noticing a drop in my energy levels. Initially, I dismissed it and put it down to a busy lifestyle but as it continued, I started feeling some numbness in my hands. At this point I wanted to get checked over by my GP to make sure it was not anything more serious”.

After listening to her symptoms Fiona’s GP ran some blood tests. The results showed that she had higher blood sugar levels than would normally be expected. After further investigations, she was diagnosed as having Type 2 diabetes.

“When I first found out I was really upset. I was worried about my health and being healthy enough to look after and enjoy my family” Fiona says.

Valuable support through HealthWise

“After the diagnosis we decided it was time to get our house in order as a family and I took out a life insurance policy with The Exeter, specifically for people with Type 2 diabetes. Through the policy, I had access to a nutritionist and took the opportunity to talk to someone else for guidance.

I downloaded the app to my phone and booked an appointment with a nutritionist. I had my first consultation via video-call from home and I was quite nervous to start! It was explained that I could have up to six consultations to support me meaning we had lots of time to meet my goals by creating positive habits with lots of small steps.”

The path to a healthier future

“So far, I have had four consultations through HealthWise and have been really pleased with the support I have received. At each stage, I have found my nutritionist Samantha to be supportive and have seen the benefits of eating healthily and making small tweaks to my lifestyle - rather than expecting immediate results.

It has been a hard journey with lots of ups and downs, but I have learnt to live with my condition and am determined to manage it through a healthier lifestyle. To date I have lost a total of 10llbs in weight, my BMI has reduced to a healthy level and my blood sugar levels have started to reduce. To top it off I have recently run my first 5k which was brilliant!

I am so grateful for the guidance I have received through HealthWise and know that the support is always there when I want to check in. It has set me on the road to a much healthier future.”

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Fiona’s story is based on usage of the nutritional consultations provided through the HealthWise app. HealthWise services are provided by Square Health.

HealthWise and all member benefits provided by The Exeter do not form part of the policy terms and may be varied or withdrawn, without notice, by us.