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Encouraging men to talk about their mental health.

Encouraging men to talk about their mental health.
Encouraging men to talk about their mental health.

It’s World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October and this year’s theme is suicide prevention.

Through campaigns and people in the public eye sharing their stories, mental health is now part of the public conversation. Tragically, however, suicide remains the single biggest killer of males under the age of 45 in the UK1.

Men can be embarrassed to ask for help.

Mind research shows that almost a third of men would be embarrassed about seeking help for a mental health problem and less than a quarter of men say they would visit their GP if they felt down for more than two weeks2.

However, there is research to suggest that men will seek help when they feel that the support available meets their preferences, and is easily accessible, meaningful, and engaging3.

Can digital services help men open up?

With more and more people using smartphones and tablets - is a digital service a valuable way for men to ask for help? Apps are increasingly providing a convenient way for individuals to gain advice and support in the privacy of their own home or wherever they choose and at a time that suits them.

We offer a mental health service through our HealthWise app. It is available to all our income protection and health insurance members and their immediate families without the need to claim on their policy.

We don’t need to suffer in silence.

Helping your clients get the right treatment and support they need is crucial. We want to help break down the barriers and stigmas that are associated with talking about mental health by giving them access to mental health specialists. Our free and confidential service offers consultations with trusted experts – making it easier to reach out and ask for help.

To find out more about how HealthWise can help your clients, why not organise a webinar or meeting with our sales team by calling 0300 123 3207 or email