The Remortgage market – a growing opportunity

The Remortgage market – a growing opportunity
The Remortgage market – a growing opportunity

A growing opportunity in the remortgage market

Buying a house can take a few months. But building a home can take years. Your clients will have spent a long time getting their home just the way they want it, but how many of them have thought about how they would keep up their mortgage repayments if they were too ill to work?

Time to talk protection

The remortgage market is due to grow to £89 billion in 2022 giving you an ideal opportunity to revisit your client’s protection needs. What’s more, it allows you to determine whether they have protected their biggest asset – their income.

With remortgaging being an effective way of reducing monthly mortgage repayments, your clients could have the additional budget to think about their wider insurance options. They will be used to budgeting to pay a higher mortgage amount each month so why not carry on paying a similar amount but with the added benefit of a protected income?

You matter more

With the current situation and cost of living crisis, your clients could argue that income protection insurance is another expense they could do without. To help you overcome these challenges and demonstrate the value of income protection in a visually engaging way why not use our income risk calculator.

By entering a few simple details, you can produce a personalised report for your clients which highlights the positive impact that income protection insurance can have on their household finances, if they are unable to work due to illness or injury.

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