The Exeter simplifies its life cover offering

The Exeter simplifies its life cover offering
The Exeter simplifies its life cover offering

Health and protection insurer, The Exeter, has announced a simplification of its life insurance cover, with its award-winning Real Life product now the choice for all customers with complex or multiple health conditions.

The Exeter’s Managed Life product for customers with Type 2 diabetes or a high BMI, which offered variable premiums based on the management of their health, will no longer be available from 30th September 2021.

The change comes in response to adviser feedback showing the majority of customers prefer the certainty and simplicity of guaranteed premiums. It also follows improvements made in 2020 to the quote and application process for Real Life, making it easier for advisers to navigate and providing a better experience for those customers who have been traditionally viewed by the wider industry as ‘hard to insure’. 1 in 4 adults in England are living with multiple health conditions and therefore find it difficult, if not impossible, to find life cover at a fair price*.

Steve Bryan, Director of Distribution & Marketing at The Exeter said;

“After talking to advisers, we looked closely at the customer outcomes of our two life products and found that while both products offered excellent value, for those with Type 2 diabetes or a high BMI the products were largely interchangeable. By simplifying our product line and just offering one product to everyone with  a complex medical history, we can focus on continually improving Real Life and our underwriting practices, ultimately widening access to insurance for an even greater number of customers”.

*The Health Foundation



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The Exeter is one of the UK’s leading healthcare and protection insurers. The Exeter is a mutual friendly society, which means it is owned by members and run for their benefit, rather than shareholders. The Exeter, formerly known as the Exeter Friendly Society and Pioneer Friendly Society has been specialising in healthcare and protection for over a century.

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