Income protection.

If illness or injury stops you earning, it keeps your income flowing.

Income protection.

Income protection pays out a monthly benefit for an agreed amount of time or until you’re well enough to go back to work.

It’s a great idea when you consider that one in four of us would struggle financially if we were out of work for just four weeks*.

Speak to a financial adviser, who can help find the right product for you.


Understanding your income protection insurance


Income protection

The insurance that pays you a monthly income if you are too ill to work.


A guide to income protection.

Income protection
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Income protection


The magic of income protection.
5 reasons why it’s worth discussing with your adviser.

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  1. If you’re short on savings income protection could be right for you

    1 in 4 of us would struggle financially if we were out of work for just 4 weeks*. There's no better way of protecting yourself from the financial impact of illness than income protection.

  2. Income protection covers all illnesses

    Income protection pays out on any physical and mental illness and injury that prevents you from doing your job, not just any job. So, unlike a critical illness policy, the cover is not restricted to a defined list of illnesses.

  3. Income protection can pay out for as long as you’re ill

    You can opt for your policy to pay out for a set number of years or for as long as you are ill until you reach your chosen retirement age. The latter option costs more but you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ll receive an income all the time you can’t work.

  4. With income protection you can claim again and again

    Critical illness and life insurance policies only pay the full benefit once. But with an income protection policy, you can claim as many times as you need within the agreed term.

  5. An adviser can shape the policy to your exact requirements

    Income protection comes with lots of options, so it’s best to talk to an adviser so they can build you a plan that’s right for your life and right on the money.



* Drewberry Insurance 2018

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