Income protection



There’s no better way to protect your income from illness.


Income First is insurance designed to provide you with an income if you become too ill to work.

It gives you and your adviser all the options you need to create a policy that is right for you and right on the money.


Income First is income protection insurance for a wide range of occupations. From office-based professionals to manual workers and skilled trades.
Three premium options available

  • Level guaranteed premiums that stay the same for the life of the policy. Available where the chosen waiting period is four weeks or longer
  • Age-costed guaranteed premiums that increase with age but the rates that determine the premiums do not change
  • Age-costed reviewable premiums that increase with age but are reviewed after three years.

Both long and short claims periods

Claims periods affect premiums. So, we give you more options so you can always make income protection affordable. If the budget allows, you could select the long-term claim period that could pay until your chosen finishing date. Or you could opt for a short claim period of either two or five years and dramatically reduce your premiums.

Flexible waiting periods for NHS medical professionals and teachers

If you are an NHS medical professional or teacher, we offer flexible waiting periods so that you can receive a benefit payment that complements your sick pay arrangements.

Employer change promise

If you change employment you may find your sick pay is restricted with your new employer, for example during probation periods. Our employer change promise means that if you find yourself in this position and need to make a claim, we will pay your benefit before your waiting period finishes.

Cover available from £500 - £10,000 per month

The maximum monthly benefit amount you can receive depends on your income. If you earn less than £100,000 per year, you can claim up to 60% of your personal taxable income. If you earn over £100,000 per year, you can claim up to 60% of your taxable income up to £100,000 and 40% thereafter.

Income protection that’s just the job

We pay out if illness or injury prevents you from doing your specific job – not any job. And that’s regardless of what you do for a living and how long the claim lasts.

Easy to increase as life changes

You can increase your benefit should your circumstances change including, but not limited to, getting married, having a baby, taking out or increasing a mortgage on the property you live in, or your rent increases. Benefits can be increased by a maximum of 50% or £833.33 per month, whichever is lower.

Pay no premiums all the time the policy pays out

With our income protection, waiver of premium is automatically included. So, you don’t need to worry about paying premiums if the policy is paying out. We understand that in that situation every pound counts.

No routine medical evidence required for those under 42

The heading says it all – and that’s regardless of the benefit amount you choose.

Fixable benefits

In today’s uncertain world incomes can fluctuate. So, we offer two ways you can fix your benefits. Firstly, you can fix up to 75% of your initial benefit by providing financial evidence or you can fix up to £1,000 per month by providing simplified financial evidence at point of claim.

If you go back to work on less money we continue to pay

If following a claim you return to your own occupation part-time, your policy will pay a reduced amount (proportionate to your reduced salary) for a maximum of 24 months or until you reach the end of your claim period. And, if you choose another lower paid occupation, we’ll pay a proportionate reduced amount until you reach the end of your claim period or you return to your previous occupation or your previous level of income.

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