75% of UK health advisers expect interest in private healthcare plans to further increase in 2024 - The Exeter

75% of UK health advisers expect interest in private healthcare plans to further increase in 2024 - The Exeter
75% of UK health advisers expect interest in private healthcare plans to further increase in 2024 - The Exeter

Karen Woodley


Head of Healthcare Distribution

A survey from UK protection and health insurer The Exeter has revealed that 75% of UK health insurance advisers expect customer interest in private healthcare plans to increase further in 2024.

Advisers forecast increased demand for affordable options in 2024

The expected increase in interest was not limited to health insurance with more than half of advisers (52%) expecting interest in cash plans to also increase over the next year. Overall, 37% of advisers anticipate demand for both health insurance and cash plans to rise.

In addition, the findings revealed that two-thirds (66%) of health insurance advisers expect consumer interest in guided and more affordable private healthcare options to increase in 2024 – a strong indication that affordability will remain at the forefront of adviser and customer conversations.

Time-poor health advisers reveal their top concerns

The survey also enquired into advisers’ top concerns for the year ahead. 30% of advisers reported feeling worried about keeping up with customer demand and 31% were concerned about finding the time for training and education.

In addition, nearly three in ten advisers (29%) are still anxious about meeting their Consumer Duty requirements, demonstrating that compliance is an ongoing task that extends far beyond the initial July 2023 deadline.

A third (32%) of advisers also reported that they were concerned over whether insurance providers would pay out claims for their clients.

Karen Woodley, Head of Healthcare Distribution at The Exeter, commented:

“The demand for private healthcare alternatives in the UK shows no signs of slowing in the year ahead. Whilst the heightened interest continues to be hugely positive, our findings also highlight the challenges faced by advisers when it comes to meeting client needs and running a successful advice business.

Health insurance advisers will continue to play a key role in helping our industry meet the private healthcare needs of consumers. As product providers we have a responsibility to make things as easy as possible for advisers when it comes to meeting client demands and exceeding expectations; whether that’s through the provision of flexible product options, excellent customer service, additional business development support, or by simply providing further reassurance through the payment of claims.”



Notes to Editors

The information within this article comes from a survey of 253 health insurance advisers conducted by The Exeter and Censuswide between December 2023 and January 2024.

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