The Exeter reports huge increase in engagement with new Health MOT service and spike in remote GP appointments

The Exeter reports huge increase in engagement with new Health MOT service and spike in remote GP appointments
The Exeter reports huge increase in engagement with new Health MOT service and spike in remote GP appointments

UK protection and health insurer The Exeter has today revealed new data highlighting the success of its recently launched Health MOT service and unlimited remote GP appointments, available through HealthWise, its member benefits app.

Since both services launched in November 2023, Health MOTs have been requested by nearly 1,000 members with more than one in ten also accessing a follow up appointment to discuss the findings.

From the initial launch in November 2023 to March 2024, the total usage of the Health MOT benefit grew by 75%. The benefit is being welcomed across demographics, with usage evenly split between genders (54% of users identifying as male, and 46% identifying as female). Those aged between 36 and 55 accounted for 51% of usage.

Developed in partnership with Square Health, the HealthWise Health MOT offers an annual, at-home, health assessment via a self-administered finger-prick blood test. The test checks 20 health markers, including diabetes risk, cholesterol, and liver health. Users receive a personalised health report and can discuss their results with a GP through a remote appointment, which is bookable within the HealthWise app.

Health insurance policyholders have been driving use of the Health MOT since its launch, accounting for almost three-quarters of all usage (72%). The remaining usage has come from income protection and life insurance members (26%) and cash plan members (2%).

Increased demand for remote GP appointments

The introduction of unlimited remote GP appointments within the HealthWise app has driven record usage of the service in recent months. Since launching in November 2023, requests for remote GP appointments have risen by 142%, providing much needed access to primary care services for members.

Isobel Langton, CEO at The Exeter, comments:

“Providing our members with access to a range of services means that we can help look after their everyday health and wellbeing throughout the life of their policy. The increased engagement with the new services introduced at the end of 2023 is pleasing to see and highlights the growing appetite for a wide range of private healthcare alternatives.

I would encourage everyone with an insurance policy to look at the product they hold to see what added support may be available as it could prove invaluable, and even lifesaving. It is also important for insurers and intermediaries to continue highlighting the wider benefits of health and protection products to further increase engagement with these services.”

Steve Casey, Marketing Director at Square Health, added:

“It’s heartening to see that the Health MOT service has been a success, especially as more users take advantage of digital health solutions to access the tailored medical advice they rightfully deserve. Working with our long-term strategic partner, we are delighted that the provision of Square Health’s services via the HealthWise app is giving tangible value to The Exeter’s members and their families. The popularity of the Health MOT, remote GP appointments, and other services demonstrate the importance members place on timely and convenient access to healthcare professionals.”


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