The Exeter sees 131% increase in usage of HealthWise member benefits app in 2023

The Exeter sees 131% increase in usage of HealthWise member benefits app in 2023
The Exeter sees 131% increase in usage of HealthWise member benefits app in 2023

Isobel Langton


Chief Executive

UK protection and health insurer The Exeter has today released new data showing that its member benefits app, HealthWise, experienced a 131% increase in usage in 2023.

This surge in engagement, representing the most significant growth since the onset of the pandemic, highlights the increasing importance of value-added service offerings within protection and health insurance products.

Developed in partnership with Square Health, the HealthWise app allows members of The Exeter to access a variety of health services including remote GP appointments, second medical opinions, physiotherapy, and mental health support, free of charge. The increased uptake in service usage last year can largely be attributed to remote GP appointments, which accounted for over half (63%) of overall usage.

Usage of HealthWise services was even between genders however, some services were more popular amongst one gender over the other. For example, nutrition & lifestyle and dietician services were mainly used by women, making up 70% and 58% of users, respectively, for these services. While the majority of users of physiotherapy services were men (60%).

Convenience and quality of service is key

The convenience offered by added value services such as HealthWise is evident by the high proportion of support provided remotely, with members in 2023 accessing 91% of nutrition and lifestyle sessions and 89% of dietitian consultations remotely. The service also continued to drive high levels of satisfaction amongst users, as members rated the services provided, 4.7 out of 5 stars across the year.

Strong engagement with mental health support

Over half of mental health support provided to members in 2023 was for stress, anxiety, depression, or low mood. Usage of mental health services was again evenly split between genders, with those aged between 31- and 40-years old accounting for 30% of overall usage. Encouragingly, 89% of mental health support was accessed by repeat users, highlighting a strong engagement with ongoing treatment.

Isobel Langton, Chief Executive Officer at The Exeter, commented:

“At a time when accessing healthcare support can be challenging, the inclusion of added value services as part of health and protection policies is playing an increasingly important role in helping policyholders manage their day-to-day health and wellbeing. This is evidenced by the increase in demand we are seeing for the services we provide through our HealthWise member benefits app.

Whilst remote GP appointments continue to be the most in-demand service, we have seen a positive increase in usage across all services provided which include mental health support and second medical opinions.

Despite this strong engagement we are committed to further enhancing the support that we offer. We hope the recent introduction of health MOT’s and unlimited remote GP appointments will continue to provide our members with greater peace of mind and further increase usage in 2024.”

Steve Casey, Marketing Director at Square Health, commented:

“The steady rise of HealthWise popularity and usage is fantastic to see, as more and more people use digital health solutions for an easier route to getting the treatment or advice they need. Our longstanding partnership with The Exeter is one we’re proud of and, as we continue to improve and expand the added value service offerings for members, we are dedicated to making HealthWise even better this year.”



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