Protection CPDS for financial advisers

Over 30 hours of insurance training to fulfil your IDD requirements.

Explore our dedicated CPD hub, tailored for financial advisers focusing on the insurance and protection sector. With the IDD mandating a minimum of 15 hours of CPD annually, our hub offers a rich collection of structured and unstructured CPD resources.


CPD is split into two areas:

Structured – this is an activity that gives stated learning outcomes which are designed to help you achieve a specific learning need. Examples of this type of CPD include formal training courses/webinars, conferences and professional exams.

Unstructured – this is classed as a learning activity that hasn’t specifically been designed to meet a development need, but has fulfilled a learning outcome. Examples of CPD could include events, reading industry papers and publications.

Both types of CPD count towards your 15 hours. For more about the different types of CPD, please visit the CII's CPD website.