Are your clients missing out on valuable benefits?

Are your clients missing out on valuable benefits?
Are your clients missing out on valuable benefits?

Value added services are by no means a new thing in our industry but finding published data on how your clients are using these services isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re excited to launch our fourth ‘HealthWise’ report in which we share how your clients with The Exeter are using our free member health and wellbeing app, HealthWise.

2023 has highlighted how much your clients:

  • Value HealthWise – rating the services an average score of 4.7 out of 5
  • Use the services – year on year usage continues to grow with a 131% increase from 2022 to 2023
  • Keep returning – three out of five HealthWise appointments were from repeat users.

While it is fantastic to see usage more than double amongst our members, our Health and Financial Fears research shows that almost one in two people with health and protection policies aren’t aware of the value-added benefits that come with their cover.1

This is perhaps not too surprising. Advisers work hard to ensure their clients not only have the right cover for their needs, but they know what they are buying and why. Understandably, value added services may take a backseat during these conversations.

However, these services can play an important role in supporting your clients.

For example, the most used HealthWise benefit in 2023 was the remote GP service, with the bulk of consultations taking place at 9 in the morning. With the NHS recently publishing that demand for GP appointments reached record levels in November 2023 with 31.9 million appointments delivered across the country2, there is real value in being able to access a remote GP for yourself or a member of your family from the comfort of your own home.


Make sure your clients don’t miss out

With benefits worth up to £2,080 for health and income protection clients and £1,570 for life clients, some of the benefits include:

  • Unlimited remote GP appointments for your clients and their immediate family
  • Health MOTs for policyholders
  • Registered dietitian consults
  • Lifestyle and nutrition consults
  • Physiotherapy and mental health sessions for health and income protection clients.

And your clients can use HealthWise without needing to claim on their policy. To find out how your clients are using HealthWise download our 2023 report now!


HealthWise is provided by Square Health.



1. Health and Financial Fears research conducted by The Exeter in 2023 where we surveyed 2,000 UK workers.

2. www.england.nhs.uk/long-read/monthly-operational-statistics-january-2024