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Exceptional core cover at
the heart of every policy.

Defaqto 2024 5 star rating

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Exceptional core cover at
the heart of every policy.

Defaqto 2024 5 star rating


Every Health+ policy is built around exceptional core cover that has been designed to provide you with fast access to the best possible treatment.

The core cover shown below can be enhanced by using our cover options.


Unlimited in-patient & day-patient treatment

Our core cover never limits in-patient and day-patient treatment. Any treatment is made available for as long as it’s needed.

Complete cancer cover

Cancer may be your biggest fear - so we take it seriously. Every Health+ member has cover for all stages of cancer, including access to the latest drugs and treatments.

Out-patient surgery

Covers you for out-patient surgical procedures performed by a specialist.

Private ambulance

When it’s essential that an in-patient or day patient has medical treatment whilst they travel to, between or from hospital we’ll provide a private road ambulance.

Home nursing

Sometimes patients still need nursing once they leave hospital. So, if required, home nursing is made available to in-patients & day-patients following treatment.

Parental accommodation

If your children require treatment in hospital, it can be a worrying time, so they can stay with their child (up to age 18) for as long as it takes.

Post-operative physiotherapy

Often it can take more than surgery to get you back on your feet. If that’s the case our core cover will provide up to three sessions of post-operative out-patient physiotherapy following in-patient, day-patient or out-patient surgery.

NHS cash benefit

If it’s easier for you to have free in-patient treatment under the NHS and the treatment would be covered under your policy, we’ll pay out £150 per night for up to 30 nights.

What is this type of insurance?

This insurance is designed to provide quick access to private healthcare in the UK, for acute conditions that are likely to respond to treatment.

Where am I covered?

All applicants must live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. 

What are my obligations?
  • You must take reasonable care to answer any questions asked about you or any other insured person when you take out this policy or make a claim
  • You should check your Policy Documents to make sure you have the cover you expect, and review your cover regularly
  • Claims must be authorised by us before you go ahead with any consultations, tests or treatment
  • You must pay the premiums when required
  • In the event of a claim, you must pay any annual excess stated in your Policy Certificate
  • You must inform us if any of their personal details change.
When and how do I pay?

You can pay premiums monthly by Direct Debit or annually by either Direct Debit or debit or credit card.

When does the cover start and end?

From the start date shown on your Policy Certificate. It will last for a period of 12 months, unless cancelled by you or us at an earlier date, and is renewable annually.

How do I cancel the contract?

You can cancel your policy at any time. If you cancel within 30 days from the start date, provided no claims have been made, you will receive a full refund of the premium.

Policy exclusions
  • Alcohol, drug or substance abuse
  • Convalescence & rehabilitation
  • Cosmetic and plastic surgery, bariatric and weight loss surgery
  • Deliberate self-inflicted injury or suicide attempt
  • Emergency treatment, until your consultant has decided you can transfer to private facilities and you have authorisation from us
  • Experimental treatment
  • Learning and developmental disorders
  • Major organ transplants
  • Mental & psychological treatment (unless the policy includes the mental health benefit add-on)
  • Out-patient drugs, dressings and medical aids
  • Pre-existing conditions – subject to underwriting type
  • Pregnancy and fertility
  • Preventative screening procedures, treatment & tests
  • Professional sports injuries
  • Renal dialysis
  • Self-elected treatments
  • Sex change / gender re-assignment
  • Sight, hearing or dental disorders
  • Treatment by your GP, optician or dentist
  • Treatments in nursing homes
  • Treatment or monitoring of ongoing, recurrent and long term conditions (also known as ‘chronic conditions’).
Cover restrictions
  • If you have an excess on your policy, this will be deducted from the eligible treatment costs for each person, each policy year
  • You may have a choice of hospitals or specialists that you can use, depending on the treatment option you select
  • We publish a fee schedule, which sets out the maximum fees we will pay specialists for the treatment they provide to you
  • Some cover options may be excluded or limited based on the choices you make.

A guide to your cover options

Discover how you can enhance the core benefits and shape the policy to your needs and budget perfectly.


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