Health+ - helping you overcome the affordability challenge

Health+ - helping you overcome the affordability challenge
Health+ - helping you overcome the affordability challenge

Karen Woodley


Head of Healthcare Distribution

Affordability is the main reason for UK workers not purchasing insurance products.

This may not be surprising given the current cost of living crisis, but it’s not a new challenge for our industry.

When it comes to discussing health insurance with your clients, here are three considerations which could help you overcome the perceived issue of affordability:

1. Quality matters most.
Our latest research revealed that product quality was the most important consideration for consumers when purchasing a product. Focussing on the real-life value that health insurance provides will help your clients make an informed decision before committing to a health insurance purchase.

2. It provides a valuable option.
Just one in ten people said they hadn’t purchased cover as they were confident the NHS would meet their needs if they became ill. Whilst the NHS does a great job, it’s under pressure. How valuable would an alternative option be to your clients should they need it?

3. It could help avoid future debt.
15% of people who accessed private healthcare services in the past two years have taken out a loan or borrowed money from family to pay for treatment. What’s more, a further 10% are yet to pay the bill. Paying a regular monthly premium for a health insurance policy could seem like an immediate expense, but it could help them avoid additional debt later on.

Refreshingly affordable health insurance

Our new guided option is a lower cost alternative to our traditional Health+ option and provides your clients with:

  •  Lower premiums – an affordable way of accessing valuable healthcare services
  • Access to hand-picked specialists - a pool of specialists chosen by us based on your client’s treatment and diagnostic needs
  • Quality cover – including exceptional core cover and additional benefit add-ons which can further enhance cover
  • Added support - through HealthWise, our free member benefits app.

You matter more

To find out more about our new Health+ guided option and the increased flexibility it can offer your clients, why not book an online product overview with one of our team.