Nearly half of remote GP appointments result in a referral

Nearly half of remote GP appointments result in a referral
Nearly half of remote GP appointments result in a referral

With the current wait for NHS treatments on the rise, it’s not always possible for patients to be seen when needed. With our member benefits app, HealthWise, our members have access to remote GP appointments where they can speak to a GP and get treated quicker, meaning they’ll feel better sooner too.

NHS waiting lists continue to rise

As of May 2023, the waiting list for individuals already referred for NHS hospital treatments rose to a record 7.47 million people and over 3 million of these patients have been waiting over 18 weeks to be treated1. But that figure doesn’t include the many patients waiting to see a GP in the hope of receiving a referral to join a hospital waiting list.

Remote GP services are a valuable route to treatment

63% of HealthWise usage is to book remote GP appointments, which continues to be the most popular benefit offered through the app. During the first half of 2023, nearly half of remote GP appointments (45%) resulted in a referral letter to a specialist or consultant, giving our members a quicker path to diagnosis and treatment when they need it most.

You matter more

When members find it difficult to get an appointment with their GP, our remote GP benefit through HealthWise can be invaluable. It’s not just about being seen quickly or receiving a referral to a specialist sooner, it also gives members peace of mind without additional weeks of uncertainty and worry. And remember, accessing any of our benefits available on HealthWise won’t affect your client’s policy details, premiums, or No Claims Discounts.*

To find out more about the remote GP service, or any other benefits available through HealthWise, we have videos available here, with up to 45 minutes of CPD learning.


1. www.bma.org.uk/advice-and-support/nhs-delivery-and-workforce/pressures/nhs-backlog-data-analysis

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*Please note that if your clients use a referral from HealthWise to claim on their health insurance policy, additional medical information may be required from their usual GP.